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PB IT Career Development Program


The PB IT Career Development Program is the result of a collaborative process led by a global committee consisting of PB IT professionals and PB University. This program has been designed to support global PB IT roles and responsibilities.

Through this program, you will have access to hundreds of IT specific training programs through PB University. This collection is targeted to enhance your knowledge and capabilities in IT technical skills and business acumen.

This program is about your individual career development:

  • Complimenting the existing RYP Program
  • Providing structured learning plans and access to specific curriculum
  • Providing opportunities for defined learning paths within PB IT disciplines


Curriculum Guide

The PB IT Curriculum Guide details the structured learning plans for all PB IT professionals, and includes:

  • Instructions on how to utilize this program to compliment the RYP process
  • An identified list of global IT Job Families
  • A defined set of competencies and skills required for each job family
  • Specific learning plans defined for each Job Family
  • Targeted ITIL training for all IT employees

You can also access this information on IT Training HUB Page.

Course listing by Job Family(Excel Spreadsheet)


Program Details

Review the guide and begin working with your manager to identify your learning plan. Complete the registration form and submit it to pbu@pbworld.com to enroll in your targeted curriculum.

As employees, you are our greatest asset. By investing in your education and your future through training-related programs such as this, we all win! Should you have any questions regarding the IT Career Development program, please feel free to contact your manager or Mike Williams, or email PBU at pbu@pbworld.com.

PB IT Curriculum Guide (PDF)


How Do I Sign Up?

To take advantage of this program, discuss your role and learning goals with your manager to identify the training plan that is best for you. Your manager will need to complete the following form and submit to pbu@pbworld.com to process your enrollment.

PB IT Learning Plan Registration Form (Word Document)


  • Access to training 24x7 -- you can complete any of the online training modules at your convenience from work, home, or any computer with Internet access.